Can CBD Help Treat Chronic Pain

CBD Help Treat Chronic Pain

Physicians are seeking new approaches to treating pain but many remained concerned of increasing governmental scrutiny of their prescribing practices. The entry of cannabinoid medicines to the pharmacopeia offers a alternative approach to the issue of chronic pain management, although this creates new hope for many, it continues to stoke the flames of controversy among politicians and public alike. The use of CBD as an alternative way to treat has been on the rise. Prescription opioids are obviously the common pain relievers in the pharmaceutical world. Yet many people are trying to find ways to avoid the fact that the body becomes accustomed to the medication therefore needing more and more; often leading to opioid addiction which is a public dilemma of mass proportion in itself. Also many of these pharmaceuticals come with an array of side effects and health risks.

Chronic pain is usually characterized as discomfort exceeding 12 weeks, whereas acute pain usually is pain traced back to a conceivable injury. Although chronic pain often arises from an initial injury, like a sprain or weakness due to long term illness. Well-being issues such as fatigue, sleep disturbance and decreased appetite often accompany chronic pain.

What is CBD? It’s a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoid, although some may believe, it does not make you “high.” This is the effect triggered by another compound found in cannabis, called THC. Thus the potential of CBD as an effective pain management treatment is given precisely by the fact that it does not alter your state of mind. In other words, you can use the oil during the day without psychoactive effects.

What makes CBD oil so efficient when it comes to relieving pain? The secret lies in our own endocannabinoid system. Our body has special receptors that react to the presence of cannabinoid, but shockingly enough this system naturally produces cannabinoids which main purposes are pain reduction and overall well-being of the body. When this system does not function right it allows the opportunity for disease or discomfort to takeover the body. At this point clinical research for CBD has just begun and there is no sufficient proof in this sector, yet the results from the few laboratory and clinical tests that unrolled so far have been more than promising.

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