Dr. Amity Bubbins, Licensed Chiropractor

Dr. Bubbins, a New England native, grew up in ‘America’s Hometown’ of Plymouth, MA.  From an early age, Amity felt there was something greater and more dynamic at work has fueled her continued and expanding education, knowledge and practice of body work, and helping others gain a greater understanding of their innate capacities to heal and thrive.

Amity’s practice style fuses multiple gentle Chiropractic approaches aimed to honor and enhance function and communication as well as the integration of functional nutrition and lifestyle design, using your unique genetic and cellular blueprint, to maximize greatest potentials to live your fullest, healthiest life.  Dr. Amity works with all patients of all ages but truly loves to have whole families under care.

When not practicing, Dr. Bubbins spends time with her husband, Tom and fabulous 10-year-old Boxer, Cash, family and friends.  Amity also loves to be creative and outdoors with nature, no matter the season.