Patient Testimonials

  • Wow, my two incredibly competent specialists; Barbara and Kris, approached me with excitement! “Max we want to provide you with a combined Reiki and Massage session all in one our rather than 2 separate hour sessions”, which has been our practice. I immediately wondered how could they accomplish this?

    Well, not only did I feel better with the “all in one approach”, I realized the same benefit in one session that I got in two. It was incredible to feel that I was totally more relaxed in mind and body; with both modalities incorporated into one session.

    Barbara and Kris work so well together. Their synergistic approach has given me incredible peace of mind, a “loose as a goose” feeling that lasts days, and a realization that I’m prepared for any eventuality.

    Believe me, this is not a momentary euphoric feeling; it is a lasting one which is still present when I meet my superstars the following week!

    Max M.

  • After two hip operations, Sue and the VCM staff were able to identify where my pain started.  My pain was intolerable. I couldn’t sit and couldn’t walk upstairs. With time and patience, they were able to get me close to pain-free.  The staff identified my orthopedic problem and after 5 years of incorrect shoes, they figured out exactly what I needed to be able to walk without a limp or hip pain.

    VCM has given me a quality of life that I did not expect to get back at this stage in the game.

    The staff is first class-from Sue, Susie and Kris to Barbra,  Scott and Greig.

    Bottom line is, these people stuck with me and I could not have done it without them.

    Kevin C.

  • I started my PT with stiff joints and back pain. I learned how to stretch and use exercise to help with this. Now I can get up from a sitting position and walk now pain-free! The staff at VCM are all wonderful.

    Maryann H.

  • Thank you, Krista, for introducing me to the Myobuddy. I am loving having something so easy to use for my own self-care. It is light and portable enough to carry with me in my overnight work bag. One of my clients loves “buzzing” me, and then letting me “buzz” her!

    Marjorie P.

  • Before I began therapy, my foot was very tight and it was painful to just walk. I had to adjust my cardio workouts to adjust to the pain in my foot. My therapy, ultrasound, massage, and specific exercises, made my foot much more flexible.  The pain has decreased so I can walk pain-free and increase my cardio workout without pain. I still have more work to do, but the improvement has been so positive.

    Michael M.

  • Before I wasn’t able to walk without sharp pain in my pectineus and piriformis muscles. Now I am pain-free, walking normally, and have good range of motion in both hips!

    Maria M.

  • I was coming off a major knee injury when Scott and the VCM team aided my road to recovery. I spent the summer immobile, but will spend my spring running!

    Derick M.

  • I pursued PT after a sprained ankle. Not only was I in pain, but I was also afraid of re-injuring it. The treatments I received healed the injury and addressed issues surrounding the injury. I leave feeling strong and confident. Thank you!

    Cathlin B.

  • They have it all! Physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor. Great group of individuals working across the board to help you heal.

    Kathryn D.

  • “Gratitude satisfies my soul this morning. I have returned from my first one and a half mile walks with Chloe (my dog). We have been walking a Sheriffs Meadow Trail in the nearby woodlands lately. Please know I so appreciate being a patient of Vineyard Complementary Medicine because triumph is mine. In February of 2015, I was taken by helicopter to MGH after which I spent another month (so many months in the past three years) in Rehab. However, thanks to Vineyard Complementary Medicine it was my last visit to the emergency room, my last stay at a rehab. I now take four medications not sixteen! I no longer need a walker or a cane while walking. I no longer have dangerous epidurals or go to the pain center because I have, with your help, significantly healed what I was told was not going to ever improve!”

    Nica F.

  • “Knowledgeable, highly skilled, and professional health care services are provided in a comfortable environment with caring staff and providers. They are good listeners that are anxious to work with the clients to develop personalized treatment plans to meet your needs. That is caring health!”

    Carla T.

  • “Hands on care and always focused on patients goals.”

    Jaci S.

  • “After injuring my back, I was truly afraid I would have to change everything in my life. I even had to sleep in a lawn chair instead of my bed. But the wonderful staff at VCM dispelled my fears. Thanks to their expert care and encouragement, I am well on my way to being myself once more. Thank you for helping me get my life back!”

    Chloe N.

  • “Great atmosphere and professional services. Especially if in pain. Susan or anyone of her staff is sure to fix you up.”

    Nicole B.

  • “I had chronic neck spasms, pain and limited ROM before PT. Now I am enjoying a marked increase in ROM and a marked decrease of spasms and pain. After years of suffering with this problem the resolution of these symptoms is incredible! I feel like a new man in my ongoing recovery from a spinal cord injury.”

    Domingo P.