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Post-Surgical Rehab Edgartown, MA

Post-Surgical Rehab

Kevin C.

After two hip operations, Sue and the VCM staff were able to identify where my pain started.  My pain was intolerable. I couldn’t sit and couldn’t walk upstairs. With time and patience, they were able to get me close to pain-free. 

Our highly skilled and experienced team of physical therapists can guide you through the entire pre-surgical and post-surgical process so that you can maximize your outcomes and make the most out of any type of invasive procedure. Both pre and post-surgical rehab are essential elements for successful patient outcomes. Post-surgical rehab with a physical therapist is especially important in order to make sure things go smoothly after your operation is done. This is because any type of surgery is a form of trauma and can affect the body differently. Even minor and uncomplicated surgical procedures can have a major impact on your health.

Individualized post-surgical rehab with a physical therapist not only minimizes your pain and accelerates your rate of healing (and return to sport or work). It also reduces the chances of post-operative complications including infections, bleeding, blood clots, muscle weakness, scar tissue, decreased function, and other factors that can negatively impact your long-term health.

Another critical reason for electing post-surgical physical therapy and complementary medicine is that we can help you reduce or completely avoid prescription painkillers, including opioids. For this reason, the CDC advises people to choose physical therapy over prescription painkillers whenever possible. Plus, you’ll likely have to learn how to do certain things some things all over again (even things as simple as walking and dressing), either to accommodate healing tissues and/or to avoid recurring dysfunction. Our physical therapist will teach you how to perform tasks safely while following critical post-operative guidelines (e.g. hip precautions, sternal precautions, spine precautions, non-weight bearing, etc.) which are often outlined by your surgeon.

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