Max M.

Wow, my two incredibly competent specialists; Barbara and Kris, approached me with excitement! “Max we want to provide you with a combined Reiki and Massage session all in one our rather than 2 separate hour sessions”, which has been our practice. I immediately wondered how could they accomplish this?

Well, not only did I feel better with the “all in one approach”, I realized the same benefit in one session that I got in two. It was incredible to feel that I was totally more relaxed in mind and body; with both modalities incorporated into one session.

Barbara and Kris work so well together. Their synergistic approach has given me incredible peace of mind, a “loose as a goose” feeling that lasts days, and a realization that I’m prepared for any eventuality.

Believe me, this is not a momentary euphoric feeling; it is a lasting one which is still present when I meet my superstars the following week!